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Adding Functionality With Plugins

In WordPress, the most important thing is to add functionalities with plugins.

While explaining Plugins to you, I clearly told you that Plugins enhances functionality of a site.

Let me explain this with this illustration.

You can have a room empty or you can have bed in that room.

But what if you need some more things in the room? Something like sound system, television, fridge and all.

  • You need to have fridge if you need something cold
  • You need microwave if you want to be warming your food
  • You need home theatre if you need songs
  • You need television if you want to be watching films
  • You need dstv or gotv if you want to be watching BBN

The way some things are always needed for whatever you need in your room is also the way you need plugins for whatever feature you want to be included on your website.

So, if a client needs a feature to be on a site. You have to get the needed plugins for those features.

  • Payment gateway? You need paystack plugin
  • Newsletter? You need MC4WP
  • Security of the site? You need sucuri plugin
  • Ecommerce features? You need woocommerce plugin
  • Want to sell digital products? You need easy digital downloads plugins

There are millions of plugins out there. Just know what feature a client wants and search for the plugin that could do it or have the feature.

For example, let’s say a client wants a site that has affiliate feature.

My next option is to go to Google and search for affiliate plugins

You will see bunch of affiliate plugins that you can use. Well, I do use ultimate affiliate pro

The same way if you need membership plugin, you can use memberpress or paid membership pro.

Just do the searching very well.

Plugins controls the functionality of a site from the backend of the admin dashboard.

If you are confused settling a plugin, search for the documentation of the plugin online or search more about it

Till date, whenever I want to setup WP Mail SMTP, I do use Google for it.

I’ve set it up more than 10 times yet I still contact Google

Whatever issue you are facing. You can always rely on Google and I will be there for you too.

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