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Elementor Builder Overview

First, install elementor from your plugin directory.

If you need elementor pro, you know how to get it.

Please, calmly go through the tutorial on this link. It clearly gives overview of elementor and how to use it.

Please note

Website is designing is better done with PC, that’s why you should strive as much as possible to get a small laptop from your first job.

You can’t use drag and drop feature on phone.

But, you can buy otg and mouse, connect the otg to your phone and connect to a mouse.

With that, you will be able to drag and drop.

Relax, the second builder can be used very well on phone.

Btw, there is another method to use drag and drop with phone using a browser named puffin browser.

Check here for video tutorial on it.

It is easier to design blog with phone but pretty hard to design 100% responsive site without PC.

Be prepared to get a PC. Set your goals.

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