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Installing The Needed Plugins

The internal work of a blog can only be achieved through plugins.

When designing blog for your clients, there are some plugins that are very important and must be installed to make sure the blog you design serves the purpose it was designed for.

Below are some of the plugins.

1. Sucuri

Sucuri plugin is a security plugin that is 100% compulsory on any website or blog. It prevenre hackers from penetrating into a site easily.

You should always install and activate the plugin. the power is limitless.

2. Updraft Plus

When it comes to website or blog, the best thing you could do is timely backup of sites.

This is very useful incase something happened to your site or your hosting platform.

Backup is like the way we save a work on Microsoft word.

If you are typing on Microsoft work, you are required to be saving the work especially if you are using desktop without UPS.

Now, you also need to be saving the contents and designs on a blog or website and that can be achieved with Updraft plus.

It’s a plugin for backing websites or blogs up.

3. Yoast SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. It’s a way a site or blog get shown on Google or bing when people make searches on those search engines.

Yoast is the best SEO plugin out there. It’s very needed on blogs.

4. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 helps people to reach out to you from a blog by just submitting a form.

It is very useful and I will always recommend it

There are better plugin to use. But contact form 7 is cool for you as a beginner

5. Akismet

This plugin comes preinstalled on wordpress fresh installations.

It prevents spam comments or spam contact form submission on site. It is very good.

6. Classic EditorĀ 

Every wordpress installation comes with gutenberg editor which might be complicated for your clients.

Install classic editor to have an interface like Microsoft word whenever they are creating posts.

7. Sassy Social Share

It’s a plugin that allow share button to be on a blog.

You can set social icons before or after posts. It is very very effective.

8. LiteSpeed Cache

This is a cache plugin that alow your blog to run faster by clearing and cleaning useless files from your site.

9. WP Mail SMTP

This is very useful incase you want email to be sent from the site.

For example, by default… if you request password reset. WordPress won’t send you any mail and there is reason for that.

The plugin allows you to do and undo as regards sending and receiving emails.

10. WP Statistics

You must install this plugin because it allows you to see the number of people visiting the blog and reading the blog post.

It’s one of the best so far.

11. Google analytics by monsterinsight

Well, this is very useful too. You need an analytical tool on a blog.

It works like the previous but more advanced.

12. Mailchimp 4 wordpress (MC4WP)

This allows you to bringĀ  newsletter to a blog. To collect emails and send campaigns.


All the plugins above are very easy to setup.

I cant possibly touch everything, else we will be here for months

But each plugins has their own documentation. Make few researches online, do few things online and you will get your desired result.

  • How to setup Mail SMTP
  • How to configure Yoast SEO
  • How to use mailchimp on my wordpress blog etc.

Search for the right keyword and the solution will be smiling at you.

Make sure you make the best out of this. I will be in the support forum to guide you better.

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