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Theme Customization

Like we did under blog design, you need to customize the theme you are using.

But wait, there is something you first need to know well.

To design a website, you need to first do two things.

  • Source for themes
  • Ensure the themes to source support your desired page builder.

You see, there are hundreds of pagebuilders out there and you can’t use all.

It is recommended that you choose the one that you want to be using. Elementor is very popular and good, you can be using it.

Using elementor will also means you can use any other pagebuilders because they are practically the same, just little differences.

Now, maybe a client ask you to help him or her to design a consulting website, you can do that by going to theme directories and finding the right theme to use.

Then, you need to dig deeper to know if the theme you choose actually support your pagebuilders.

If it’s true, then you are good to go.

Install the theme and then your next line of action is to install the necessary plugins followed by importing demo site.

Import the demo site and then customise to you taste.

You can also design from scratch tho. But demo site saves time compare to designing from scratch.

For customising the theme, you can check appearance, customization or check for theme panel, theme option or the theme name itself to see how to customise the theme and edit stuff like logo, menu, footer and others.

You can’t know everything in web designing all at once. It takes constant practicing to be a pro. If you are stuck trying to do something, just refer to the documentation of the theme or search on Google for guides. I also do that a lot.

I will be in the support forum to guide you better.

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